Are You Finally Ready to Take
the Payroll Monkey Off Your Back Forever?

Have you ever made a mistake or missed a deadline on your payroll that cost you big money?

(If so, you’re not alone: 1 in 3 companies has been charged with a payroll mistake, and the penalty averages hundreds of dollars.)

Would you rather be anywhere else except chained to your desk on Friday when you have to get the payroll out?

Are you growing weary of calculating yet another last-minute termination check or other adjustment?

Do you wonder when you’re going to fall behind in some new rule and get penalized for not complying with something you didn’t even know about?

If you said yes to any of these questions, it’s time to give your payroll headaches to the experts who actually like doing payroll:  Barton’s Tax and Accounting Service.

“We have been using Barton’s Tax and Accounting for over 4 years. They always get our payroll done on time and have always been flexible and willing in regards to last minute changes. Furthermore, I have compared their prices to other services and they are at or below every other service I have checked. I have peace of mind knowing that I can focus on my day to day business needs and Barton’s Tax and Accounting takes care of all the payroll and accounting responsibilities. I don’t have to worry about me accidentally missing filing or paying a tax or fee. They always take care of that for me. They have been consistent, dependable and willing and I can’t ask for more than that. We are truly grateful for their help.”  –Joe McCutcheon, Triangle Green Cleaning – Owner

“Like many small business managers over the last 20 years, I was led to believe that the national payroll service providers, with their broad reporting capabilities, would be of great value to my business.  My actual experience over a ten year period went from tolerable to clearly unethical.  Now, after allowing my friend and fellow Rotarian, Billy Barton, to process my payroll for the last twelve months, I’m more than happy to recommend Barton Tax and Accounting Service.  First, and foremost, having someone local that you can really trust as a partner for your business is really important.  And having that partner right around the corner when you need to call or stop by his office is a real value that the big companies just can’t touch.  On several occasions we have overlooked a payroll issue that Billy was able to correct and have us drop by and pick up the same day.  Last, and least, BTAAS came in at a noticeably lower cost than both ADP and Paychex.”  — Leigh S. Hudson, Owner, Hudson’s Hardware & Outdoor Equipment, Garner & Clayton, NC

“Barton’s Tax & Accounting Service handles all of my payroll and bookkeeping for True Service Corporation. I have found him to be extremely dependable and knowledgeable. My payrolls are all done on time and payroll taxes and reports are filed on time. With my last bookkeeper, I never knew when my bookkeeping would be done or even if she was in town to process payroll. This has never been an issue with Barton’s Tax & Accounting Service. Since Barton’s Tax & Accounting Service has been handling my accounting, I have been able to spend time working on my business rather than worrying about the accounting. I highly recommend Barton’s Tax & Accounting Service to any business owner that needs a professional accountant.” –Steve Truelove, True Service Corporation

Full-Service Payroll Solutions

The good news is we have a full service payroll solution that we feel is superior for small business compared to many of the other options available in the marketplace.  Some of the many benefits you’ll receive with our payroll solutions include:

  • You can trust us with your confidential financial information; we have the systems in place to handle the most sensitive company data.
  • Our customer service representatives are trained accountants based in the U.S. and can answer your technical questions.
  • We get to know your business so that we can become far more than compliance partners with payroll; we can help you manage related HR services such as benefits programs, recognition programs, training, and more.

Don’t get chained to the big chain payroll services

Feel free to compare us to the big name payroll services – you know them: Paychex, ADP – because our rates will come in lower every time.  Plus our service is far more personal; we treat you like family. Or maybe better! (Compare us, but keep our phone number handy, because we bet you’ll be calling us back.)

Complimentary consultation

Give us a call at 919-553-5596 or email us to find out more or to set up your complimentary payroll consultation.